Instagram live with Rajeev Masand and Tarsame Mittal | #Quarantunes | 7Entertainment

In these uncertain times of the on-spread pandemic, which we now know as Coronavirus, it is our humble attempt to bring together experts from different fields closer to the audience in order to entertain, educate and spread awareness.We have here today the #Quarantunes session between two stalwarts of the entertainment industry, Film Critic numero uno, Rajeev Masand from CNN-IBN and Music Entrepreneur, Tarseme Mittal who also happen to be the two most influential people in their respective walks of life.Watch them talk about the on-spread pandemic, give their insightful views on the film industry, the music industry and share with us their respective advice on how we need to grow during this period and much more. Stay Safe. Stay Home and do tune in to PokerBaazi presents #Quarantunes on 7Entertainment Instagram LIVE everyday.Bringing entertainment to your living room LIVE.www.instagram.com/sevenentertainment