Ma al Qamar {Eng subtitles} | مع القمر- محمد المقيط | Muhammad Al-Muqit

Ma al Qamar is a 'music free' nasheed illustrating the dialogue of a man and the moon. It has been translated to English by user '3houd'. Not only is the nasheed amazing, but the performance; the meaning; and overall message make this one of the best I've heard in a while...Artist: محمد المقيط (Muhammad Al Muqit)Nasheed: مع القمر (Ma al Qamar)Mp3: http://www.4shared.com/audio/_KQP7k5O/__-__.htmKeeping the amazing performace in mind, some you might think there are two munshids, because of the vast difference between Muqit's normal tone and his soft tone. (normal tone is the man, soft tone is the moon). For those of you interested in learning and speaking Arabic, here is a free Arabic Course being offered by ‘Rocket Languages’. Click on the link below:http://www.rocketlanguages.com/arabic/premium/?aff=ehsmoh&type=freetrial Follow this channel on:Facebook: http://goo.gl/WK3PkBlog: http://goo.gl/MKhIFZTwitter: http://goo.gl/w8GhXThis nasheed is also available with the following subtitles French, German, & Italian