Beautiful Recitation of Surat Al-Insan 076

A beautiful recitation by Shaikh Khalifa At-tunneiji and repeated by a kid, written and edited by Abdur-Rafie Adenopo of Versatile media solution of Nigeria.Versatile Media Solution require your help to finish up this good work and many more. YouTube finances cannot take us anywhere. We need modern and faster editing equipments and production equipment. We need to pay staff to make the work easier for us.To donate for the completion of the whole Qur'an, you can transfer into our account:Account name: Varsatile Media Solution Bank: GtbankDollar Account: 0011699126, swift code:GYBINGLA, Sort code: 058-152227State: Lagos Country: NigeriaTo donate within Nigeria;Account name: Varsatile Media SolutionBank: GtbankAccount number: 0011699119Nothing is too small even if it is just a dollar. Jazakumullah khayran. Masallam