WTC 7 Collapse - CBS' West Street Cam -- NIST Version 2 of 2 (As-released Quality from NIST)

Northwest view. Ground level. West Street near North Moore Street.Extended version, but glitchy and with manipulated audio track when compared to the shorter NIST version with much clearer audio: https://youtu.be/4xN8lzBo9zYRecorded likely by CBS' camera operator Steve Bikofsky, as NIST Video List entry suggests for the last section on CBS-Net NIST Dub #7 tape, containing a extended version of this video but with clearly edited/manipulated audio track.This NIST version is very overexposed, has heavily washed-out colors and noisy, one can barely recognize the west face. Therefore not raw but manipulated quality. The snippet as shown in the Naudet documentary 9/11, is the best quality version available so far. But the audio was completely altered there and the frame height was cropped for upscaling to 16:9 display aspect ratio.Video and audio quality is largely untouched. Only deinterlacing and lossless recompression were applied.Download source:911datasets.orgFolder: International_Center_for_911_Studies_NIST_FOIA1st Subfolder: Release_14_-_NIST_Cumulus_Video_Database2nd Subfolder: NIST Cumulus Video - Original Files - Complete Uncompressed Set3rd Subfolder: CBS-Net NIST Dub #7Joined Video Files: CBS-Net Dub7 46.avi / ...47.avi / ...48.aviOverlapping sections between the video clips have been removed.