1080p vs 5mp Security Camera

https://www.cctvcamerapros.com/1080p-vs-5mp - Here is a comparison of video surveillance footage recorded using a 1080p vs 5mp security camera. CCTV Camera Pros used two bullet cameras for this test. Both of the cameras are AHD format (analog high definition) and they are both connected to the same iDVR-PRO surveillance DVR using RG59 Siamese coax cable. The video was recorded at 4K resolution.The video compares the video quality using the DVR's built-in digital zoom capability. Video of a person's face and a license plate are zoomed in on at 3x zoom.The video also shows a side-by-side comparison of the screenshots captured with the 1080p and 5mp security camera. You can see in the video that a 5mp security camera captures video clearer than a 1080p camera. This was obviously expected. However, the difference is not as big as we expected. Considering that a 5 megapixel camera is 2.5 times the resolution of a 1080p camera, we expected the difference to be more noticeable. When you are designing a video surveillance system, you must consider additional factors such as the additional disk storage that is required for 5mp video recording vs 1080p. Yes, hard drives are much cheaper nowadays but it is still a cost trade-off.At the time we made this video (October of 2019), CCTV Camera Pros is still supplying many more 1080p (2 megapixel cameras) than we are 5 megapixel. 5 megapixel is gaining more momentum but 1080p is still the most popular right now as it seems to be a good balance of video quality and economical storage cost.Another consideration is that 5 megapixel resolution is not 16:9 aspect ratio, it is 5:4 aspect ratio. On a typical HD TV or monitor, the video image will be stretched to fill the screen. This is because most monitors and TVs are 16:9 aspect ratio.Last, the hybrid 5mp security cameras that we supply also work in 4mp resolution which is 16:9 aspect ratio. And, iDVR-PRO surveillance DVRs also support 4mp resolution cameras. So, for customers that want to go higher than 1080p resolution but do not like the way 5 megapixel resolution is stretched, 4 megapixel may be a good compromise. I plan on comparing 1080p vs 4mp in another video soon.For more information, please visit this page.https://videos.cctvcamerapros.com/i/1080p-vs-5mp-security-camera.html