The Rise of Carthage DOCUMENTARY

Support the channel by downloading Rise of Kingdoms: http://patron.me/Invicta, New users can use the code seyfpw6fxu and claim these prizes: GEM 200, Silver Key x2, 50000 Food x2, 50000 Wood x2Today Carthage is remembered only in the context of its dramatic fall at the end of the Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage. We all know about Hannibal and the Battle of Cannae but how about the daily life of Carthage. There is much more to this ancient civilization than the dust and ashes left to us by history. Today we will be exploring the Rise of Carthage and dive into the fascinating details of their civilization.The history documentary begins by covering the ancient Phoenicians who planted colonies across the Mediterranean. Carthage emerged from this trade network to become the leader of the Phoenicians in the west and eventually come to forge an empire when its mother colony Tyre declined. The history documentary then turns to cover the government, economy, culture, and military of ancient Carthage.Sources and Suggested Reading:Carthage: A History by Serge LancelThe Carthaginians by Dexter HoyosCarthage's Other Wars by Dexter HoyosCarthage Must be Destroyed by Richard Miles#History#Documentary#Carthage