Dubai Meydan One MegaProject : UAE To Have World's Tallest Residential Building & Largest Ski Resort

Dubai Meydan One MegaProject : UAE To Have World's Tallest Residential Building & Largest Ski ResortNothing is impossible for the emirate of the Gulf which is enriched by a new extravagant structure. Dubai announced in 2015 that the largest indoor ski resort but also the tallest residential tower in the world will complete a panorama already very exuberant.Dubai keeps surprising. Its artificial ski resort has been located in a shopping center since 2005 and is currently considered to be the largest indoor ski resort in the world. However, the tourist destination attracting millions of visitors, businesses and expatriates does not stop there and seems to have no limit.This majestic business center now has plans to build an even more spectacular ski resort with a 1.2-kilometer track. As if that were not enough, Dubai will have a new skyscraper that will culminate at 711 meters - 117 less than the Burj Khalifa. The completion is expected in 2020 when the emirate will organize the World Expo. In total, Meydan One will host over 78,000 inhabitants and will cover 3.67 million square kilometers with ultra-luxurious facilities.This tourist and residential project has something to make you dizzy and will beat five world records. The Meydan City program will certainly mark the spirits with its Dubai One residential tower rising to more than 700 meters above sea level. Comprised of 885 residential apartments, a 350-room 5-star hotel and a conference center, the tower will become the tallest residential tower on the planet. It will also include a panoramic terrace overlooking the city at 655 meters in height with a 360 ° view, and a restaurant at 675 meters above sea level, once again setting a new world record.As for the indoor ski resort, it will delight winter sports enthusiasts thanks to its many slopes adapted to all levels. To perfect this world record, Meydan One plans 25,000 square meters of sports facilities.In addition, the 540,000 square meters of the vast Meydan One Mall will attract the most fashionistas under a retractable 150-by-80-foot roof that will be open in the cooler winter months. Finally, everyone will be able to dance on the biggest dancing fountain in the world of 420 meters.