Gangster Hero City Thug Crime

Play this awesome gangster criminal hero fighter simulator and enjoy thug life!Are you ready for some crazy gangster open world adventure? You are about to have the best gangster criminal thug crime adventure of your life so buckle up and kick start your gangster car engine! Make sure you are ready for some thrilling gangster thug hero life of crime before starting this thrilling criminal gangster hero simulator.Features:The awesome Tutorial at the start of the gangster criminal fighter simulator will make your gameplay easier for you!The Mini map at the top corner of your screen will guide you to protect yourself from the police!The Easy instructions will guide you rightly as to how to play the awesome Gangster Hero Thug City Crime Simulator.The Challenging open world life will keep you coming back for this crazy life of crime.The incredibly realistic HD Graphic features will give you a realistic crime fighting experience!The amazing sound effects will make your Gangster Crime Hero experience even more enjoyable.Make sure to cause as much open world gangster destruction as you can!Complete the challenging level missions and make the thrill double by unlocking new and awesome levels.