Hekaya - Lifted 2019 Soca (Trinidad)

[Subscribe Now] http://tiny.cc/Subscribe2019 | http://tiny.cc/MainInstagram[All] https://linktr.ee/julianspromos | Cassell Hekaya George, is a singer, songwriter, musician and creative from Trinidad and Tobago with a passion for Trinbagonian music and culture.The word hekaya is swahli for legend and was chosen to signify Cassell's journey on becoming a Creative and Cultural legend. Not only does he aim to write and perform crowd moving music but he aims to be legendary whilst doing it! Hekaya is an upcoming artiste with a strong positive message, great talent and has a passionate desire to join the battle of taking Trinidad and Tobago's creativity and culture to the rest of the world with his first Release for Soca 2019 entitled 'LIFTED.' Credits: Written by: Cassell 'Hekaya' George, Nkosi Myers, Miguel Homer, Jannix 'KoolXid' Joseph & Mikhail CornealProduced, Mixed & Masterd by: Mikhail 'Mega Mick' CornealBackground Vocals by: Tishanna Stoute & Cassell 'Hekaya' GeorgeLive Guitars by: Cassell 'Hekaya' George Publishers: Copyright Control (COTT) / FOX FUSE LLC (BMI) Artwork by: Rondell Paul @rondellcpaul (instagram) Photography by: Tarique Eastman @tariqueeastman (instagram) Creative Director: Sache Alexander @napturallysach (instagram)@hekaya_soul (Instagram and Twitter) Share your feedback; Like/Dislike, Comment + Share!!___For advertising options & prices contact:Julianspromos@gmail.com or 1-718-431-5410 (Chandy)___Facebook: http://facebook.com/JulianspromosTVInstagram: http://tiny.cc/MainInstagram | @JulianspromosSpotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/julianspromosJoin Mailing List: http://tiny.cc/Blasts#Julianspromos #2019Soca #SubscribeToUs↓↓↓