China off the beaten path 🚴🏻 Exploring the villages of Jiangsu Province

It's so nice outside, let's go biking!! 😍😍 Today I am visiting the land of mysterious grasses and fruits, where around every corner is something new and interesting. Hang in there for a brief trip through the edge of Nanjing and through the frontiers of the demolition zone... then lots and lots of beautiful Jurong countryside scenery 🌾Many people ask me, why is my bike allowed on the train? It's a folding bike!! 🚴🏻 so the downside is that it's slower than a regular road bike, but the upside is, I'm not in a hurry anyway, because I can put the bike on public transport / in the trunk of a car. I take small narrow country roads for most of the route and design my own itinerary using a satellite map as opposed to following the main roads.