Friday Sermon: Proclaim the bounties of Allah: 26th August 2016 (Urdu)

Friday Sermon delivered by Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.Recorded on 26th August 2016.On the second day of the Jalsa in Britain, we relate Allah's countless blessings. Facts and figures of different departments are presented, progress of jama'at is reported and I talk about the incidents related to the statistics. In that one or one and a half hour, neither the details of the figures can be given nor all the incidents can be related and the notes that I bring with me to read, go back as they were. Tehrik-e- Jadid has started publishing those statistics in the form of a book on yearly basis. As far as the incidents are concerned, I mention them at different occasions. Hudhur said: Instead of Tabligh, I present some events. The missionary from Conakry, Guinea writes that a two-page leaflet has been distributed far and wide in the country. We are receiving phone calls from far flung areas of the country that the people used to listen from their fore fathers about Imam Mahdi(as) and the Promised Messiah(as). Now after reading your leaflet, we are eager to meet you because we feel that it is time now that the Muslim Ummah needs a reformer. Burkina Faso is another French speaking country of Africa. The missionary from there states that this year they were able to build a beautiful mosque in Tenkodgo. When Ahmadiyyat was introduced in that village, the people had done the Bai'at with their Imam. At that time the opposing Maulvis offered to give their own beautiful mosque to them if they would abandon Ahmadiyyat. They held on to Ahmadiyyat and at that time preferred their own modest mosque to the opponents' grand mosque built with Kuwaiti money. Missionary-in charge from Belgium writes that a new convert Mr. Idrees who knew nothing about Ahmadiyyat when he saw a saint in a dream. About two years ago when he was changing channels of the TV that he looked at the Al-Arabia MTA and sew the picture of the Promised Messiah(as) and remembered his dream. He had seen the same saint in his dream. He started watching MTA regularly and in this way he was inclined toward Ahmadiyyat. By grace of Allah, the way the opponents are trying to impede our ways, He is providing means to stifle their arguments and increasing the faithfulness of the new converts. The emir of Yadgir, Karnataka, in India writes, Extreme opposition was started by the non- Jama'at people, last year. The opponents brought their scholars from outside to deliver speeches there. Dirt and baseless accusations were leveled against The Promised Messiah(as). Public was instigated against the Jama'at.Twitter: @muslimtvInstagram: @mta_internationalFacebook: @tv.mtainternational Official MTA Website: http://www.mta.tv/© Copyright MTA International