Nile Sport

Nile Sport Channel Idents Discus NILE TELEVISION NETWORK NTN exists to protect, sustain, and convey the leading Egyptian Arabic culture in Egypt and the Middle East through origination and acquisition and delivery of premium cultural and events-based content to the Egyptian and Arab families all over the region. We were asked to help position Nile Television Network by creating a brand identity that elevates it to an international standard. The objective of elevating the brand, improving the programming and communications has been at the forefront of the brief. Our creative response is centred on the theme of reflections. The brand identity is rolled out across a diverse set of channels, and all of these channels relate to the reflections concept. Brand identities were created for Nile Sport, Nile Cinema, Nile Life, Nile Drama and Nile Drama Ramadan, as well as a corporate identity for the network, NTN. Kemistry: Founded in 1997, Kemistry has grown to be the largest and most successful independent broadcast design and branding agency in Europe, creating communication strategies for leading companies worldwide. Market dynamics, including changing audience behaviour, increased competition and media diversification, signify the continuous need for brands to differentiate in order to compete for audience share. Kemistry uses these market trends to predict future audience needs thus creating genuinely strategic design solutions. Our success is based on understanding our clients' communication objectives and providing clear brand strategies and compelling design ideas which give tangible results. We have developed strong on and off-screen visual brand identities for clients including CNN International, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, FilmFour, National Geographic, Discovery Networks, as well as NRK (Norway), TV4 (Sweden), MTV3 (Finland) and NOKIA. Our approach has garnered over fifty international awards including Promax & BDA Europe, BDA USA, D&AD Annual and Norwegian Design Council awards.