Outdoor TV Ideas (The New Normal)

Find the Electric Ceiling TV Mount and Outdoor Tv's here- https://www.amazon.com/shop/paradiserestoredlandscapingexteriordesign?listId=HND11MSR354L&ref=idea_share_inf Outdoor TV Ideas (The New Normal)Hey, Guys . . . Micah, the Outdoor Living guy here talking to you about Outdoor TV’s. You probably do not realize that Outdoor TV Ideas (The New Normal) are very much a part of Outdoor Living. People want to watch TV outdoors – they just do. I’m going to walk you through ‘where’ to put a TV ‘cuz people make the wrong mistake in this area so many times. Also, at the end of this video, we are going to show you a highly creative outdoor TV idea on how to hang one as well.The most traditional spot to hang your outdoor TV is directly above the fireplace. The one I’m showing at the beginning is a bit small for the fireplace space – I hope the TV doesn’t fall and break to pieces but I guess that would make for an interesting video, eh? Although this TV is a bit small, a larger one would not fit in the space. We are going to show you where to install an outdoor TV for the right fit.Another question we receive all the time is, “Can I use an indoor TV outside?” Yes. In fact, many of the outdoor spaces we will show in this video will be indoor TV outdoors. Some have outdoor TV enclosures or show outdoor TV under patio cover making them somewhat weather resistant. If they are positioned in a spot where they get maximum cover – consider an indoor rated TV. We’ve had many clients choose this route. They either take the risk of leaving them outdoors throughout the dead of winter or take them inside for that 1-2 months. It may be a big savings. You will see numerous indoor TV’s living outside in this video making for happy homeowners.However, outdoor rated TV’s have come down in price and they are a smart consideration if you want an outdoor living space with TV year-round. Some want to use the space throughout every season. An outdoor rated TV will allow for it. Plus, the space usually has a fireplace/pit and ceiling heaters that are super cozy. These outdoor rated TV’s are not plastic but aluminum and are good in all weather, insects, freezing conditions, and all summer long – of course.We’ll show you an outdoor TV with outdoor kitchen attached to a pergola for the Pro Bowl. A pergola isn’t a complete cover so an indoor TV’s viewing quality might be compromised during habitual rain over many months’ time. In this case, the homeowners did not mind investing in the outdoor rated TV for barbeque and entertaining all year long.In the video we will show you numerous TV’s. Outdoor TV with outdoor fireplace . . . outdoor TV with outdoor kitchen . . . outdoor TV in gazebo . . . outdoor TV connect to hot tub . . . backyard patio with TV . . . Whew – so many choices. But notice the style and environment of the outdoor space with TV. Homeowners enjoy watching the game with buddies or getting outside with friends for a series . . . TV’s pull you outside to enjoy the landscape.The big finale we promised at the start of the video shows off a unique way to store you outdoor TV – a retractable screen. With the push of a button it lowers from ceiling to vertical watching point. Crazy good technology for TV Outdoors! Some also rotate to allow views from different spots in the landscape.Thank you for joining Paradise Restored. We love creating outdoor spaces and we would love to help you. Complimentary Consultation? You got it!We are happy to answer questions - help design/build any & all unique landscape spaces or makeovers. Have you seen the latest 2020 landscapes in our Portfolio? It’s pretty interesting to see the before and after photos in each one. See other backyards reversed and transformed - Think about it and we'll talk to you soonThat’s a Wrap!Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paradiserestoredPDX/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paradiserestored/PR Website: https://paradiserestored.com/Blog: https://paradiserestored.com/landscaping-blog/