Amazing Sichuan - Official Travel Introduction Video -EN

Sichuan, a magical land of abundance; nature offers her so many magnificent and beautiful scenery. It is home to many rare animals and plants. The local custom of the ethnic minorities adds extra glamour to her attraction. The world heritages and world biosphere reserves, along with more than 4000 scenic spots make Sichuan province most abundant with tourism resources in China and attract visitors from home and abroad.The ancient Sichuan culture is such a bright star in history that it is still a historical and cultural heritage appreciated by the off springs after so many generations. Besides its history, Sichuan cuisine with its characteristic of flavor is famous in the world. A tour in Sichuan will not be perfect without a taste of some spicy Sichuan dishes. Sichuan people enjoy their lives; and they are looking forward to your visit with warm and hospitality.http://global.tsichuan.com/