Syrian School Episode 5 (BBC 2011)

The whole city seems in a state of panic over the impending arrival of this year's Baccalaureate Examination, from teachers to parents and pupils and the fifth and final episode follows the students as they prepare.17 year old twin sisters Farah and Rahaf are twins facing the exams together – success or failure will determine their futures, but their dreams are wildly different. Farah dreams of studying English and exploring the world, inspired by her satellite TV heroine Nigella Lawson. Rahaf is more anxious, aiming for a more cautious future in engineering. We follow them from revision to results.Meanwhile, Iraqi refugee Yusif is struggling with his education, as all his attention is focused on the visa he hopes to get that will take him away from Syria. His family is desperate to move to Canada – but can they make it out of Damascus first?In Damascus, it’s exam season... and everyone’s futures are riding on it.