Spotlight Shines on Sudanese TV Series

Spotlight Shines on Sudanese TV Series In an attempt to deal with the controversial social issues linked to the economic and political landscape, the Sudanese Stories, a drama piece produced and run by Eshourouk Channel, are at the top of Ramadan works, for the third year in a row, with other sitcom comedies broadcasted by other channels. Eight scenario writers and 200 actors have participated in the episodes of Sudanese Stories until present time... these are unprecedented figures in the history of Ramadan drama works in Soudan that were always characterized with modest production due to high financial costs. This is why one of the series episodes won the golden prize in the Arab Channel Festival. The producers counted on some technical expertise to have the work done which they brought from Syria. We now talk about stability and growth after the seperation, and the new issues that the people of Sudan don't really see, said Jamal Abdul Rehman, Director of Muja company and executive producer of Sudanese stories. The movie set choices shows the intention of revealing the geographical diversity of Sudan known for its rich vocabulary inspired from nature and the surrounding environment. The work sheds light on problems related to development and the conflict on land between the ancestors' history and future projects such as dams and others. Oumniya is a new face introduced by The Sudanese stories that gave her the chance to meet actors from the old drama generation. There's an opprtunity for new actors to work with older ones, said Oumniya Fathi, an actress. Sudanese Stories is an unprecedented Ramadan drama after production declined in this period due to several reasons. However the optimistic side reveals that this huge project and its capacity to be run for a long time might be a step in the right direction to revive a pioneer art that was long absent from the Arab scene after facing the side-effects of regimes and politics and in others, a series of wars and conflicts. Speakers: Jamal Abdul Rehman - Director of Muja company and executive producer of Sudanese stories Oumniya Fathi - actress Voice: Nick Barratt Nadia Idriss Mayen Noora Faraj By AlArabiya