Subscribe and Follow me for something new everyday:FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/storyofhenryINSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/storyofhenryTWITTER: https://twitter.com/storyofhenryWe’re on the road now.我們又上路了Driving out of Tainan and heading back up to Taichung. 從台南開車回台中The time here has been really great, 這段旅程真的非常好玩we don’t often get to go on these big family trips.我們並不常有這種大型的家庭旅行It was a more special occasion since Aaron and Ethan graduated.這算是給Aaron和Ethan的一個畢業旅行Though I hope there will be a lot more in the future!我希望未來能跟家人踏上更多旅程Outside of Tainan now, driving by the countryside. 離開台南 沿途由城市轉換成鄉間風景We drive for a few hours, until the sun begins to set.開了幾個小時 太陽逐漸西下We turn off at the exit, to visit a rest stop.轉了個彎 開往休息站稍作休息After parking we head towards the building.停好車後 我們朝建築物走去I am really blown away by the size of Taiwanese reststops. 我被台灣休息站的規模驚訝到了this is the first time I’ve ever been to one. 這是我第一次來This place has a huge parking lot休息站有很大的停車場and two sets of big public bathrooms.還有兩間大型的公共廁所The stereotype is that everything is bigger in America,通常都有美國什麼東西都大的刻板印象but that certainly doesn’t apply to rest areas.但在休息站的尺寸上顯然不是This is 30 times bigger than most American reststops I’ve seen.比我到過的休息站大了30倍之多In a standard rest stop in the states,在美國 標準的休息站you’ll have bathrooms, and if you’re lucky a snack machine.只有廁所和夠幸運才有的點心販賣機Rest areas in Taiwan seem much more like community parks.台灣的休息站更像是一個小型社區活動中心As I walk around I count 4 different musicians, playing for tips. 沿途我還看到四位音樂家表演Next to the bathroom area,在公共廁所旁邊there is a huge park, which we will explore later.有個很大的公園 我們待會會過去走走Right now we are heading into the main building.現在要先進入主要的建築物before you see the inside, 在進去之前I promise you that this isn’t a mall or shopping center,我向大家保證這裡不是百貨公司或購物中心it is really just a rest stop.只是一個休息站The inside has multiple levels, 裡面有好幾層樓both with their own shops and restaurants.每層都有不同的商店和餐廳The size of this place is really mindblowing.這個地方的規模真的大的誇張We wander around a bit, 我們在裡面走了一會exploring the different areas of this large structure.看看裡面有什麼有趣的地方In one of two convenience stores inside, 這裡有兩間便利商店I grab a cold green tea,我拿了一瓶冰綠茶and head to pay.準備去結帳On our way out, we notice a savory pastry shop.離開前 我們發現一間台式千層酥餅店We won’t eat dinner until we get back to Taichung,我們會在台中吃晚餐so we each get something here.所以先買了一些點心I go with the Cheese flavor.我選了起司口味的To exit the rest stop, we pass under a huge aquarium.朝出口走去時 經過一個大型海底隧道Which puts us out at the other convenience store, and a Starbucks.過了隧道後 看到另一間便利商店和星巴克Now we head to the park.現在要去公園走走The sky is beginning to glow a warm orange, as the sun sets.夕陽西下 天空佈滿溫暖的橘色調Sherry’s parents take pictures in front of the trees. Sherry的爸媽在阿伯勒樹前拍照After walking for a minute, we come to a place to eat our snack.散步了一小段路 我們準備要吃點心It’s a small pond, filled with lily pads and fish.在一個充滿荷葉和鯉魚的小池塘旁坐下We feed the fish some of the leftover crust.將剩餘的食物碎屑喂給魚群吃After we finish eating, we begin to head back to our car.吃完後 準備回到車裡On the way, passing a huge tree.路上經過一棵百年大榕樹It’s so big that it’s branches are growing their own roots for support. 祂會長的這麼大是因為氣根不斷落地成為支柱It’s really a breathtaking scene, 是個讓人歎為觀止的景象something I didn’t expect from a rest stop.從來沒想過會在休息站看到Taiwan has really outdone itself in this field. 台灣在休息站的規劃做的很好It will be dark soon and we need to head out.天很快就要黑了 我們準備離開Tomorrow, Sherry and I will take a bus back to Taipei.明天我和Sherry即將搭客運回台北to resume our city life. 回到城市生活This family vacation has been wonderful, and I’m sorry to go.這趟家庭旅行真的太美好 讓我不想離開though, I’m happy that I will always have the memories, of this wonderful time.但能有許多開心的回憶已經很值得了I’ll see you tomorrow. 我們明天見