Best Street Food Night Market in Taiwan: 大東夜市

Out of 15 Night Markets in Taiwan, this one was the best Night Market in ALL of Taiwan ~ Street Food: 0:25 Oyster Omelette 1:05 Boiled corn on the cob 1:11 Roasted corn on the cob 1:23 Candied sweet potatoes 1:31 Taiwanese Salt and Pepper Chicken 1:42 Liang Gao (plant made jelly) 2:01 Bubble tea 2:18 mainly Chicken feet and chicken legs (boiled in a soy and sugar sauce) 2:50 Fruit juices 3:01 QQdan - Fried sweet potato balls 3:06 Fried squid 3:28 Taiwanese Dorayaki 4:44 Pancake 5:12 Fish balls 5:30 Dorayaki 5:40 Ice cream on a stick 5:48 Grilled rice balls 6:03 Barbecue (squid, chicken, sausages) 6:58 Cuobing - shaved ice with topped fruits or sweet things 7:11 Fried eel noodles 9:57 Teppanyaki pork 10:54 Beef 11:22 Taiwanese Hot Dog 12:12 Crepes 12:36 Grilled squid 12:56 Vegetable, fish balls, beef and salad mix 13:50 Grilling chicken, beef, pork served with noodles 17:49 Soup with noodles 18:15 Fish balls and pork blood 18:52 Sandwiches 20:12 Snails 20:28 Watermelon milkshake and mango milkshake...Night Markets checked for this video: Taipei: Shilin Night Market, Tonghua/Linjiang Night Market, Ningxia Night Market and Raohe Night Market ~Kaohsiung: Jin Zuan Night Market, Ruifeng Night Market, Fun Membership Night Market (former Kaisyuan Night Market), Liuhe Night Market and the Monday Laogong Gongyuan Night Market ~Tainan: Flower Night Market and Dadong Night Market ~Taichung: Fengjia Night Market and Yizhong Night Market ~Hualien: Dongdamen Night Market ~Taitung: Guanguang Night Market ~NO 1. - DADONG NIGHT MARKET, Tainan, Taiwan臺北: 士林夜市, 通化夜市, 寧夏夜市, 饒河夜市高雄: 金钻夜市, 凯旋夜市, 瑞丰夜市, 六合夜市, 勞工公園夜市臺南: 花園夜市, 大東夜市臺中: 逢甲夜市, 一中夜市花蓮: 東大門觀光夜市臺東: 观光夜市